CT Scanner application

Hospital CT Scan Room
Virtual Sun layout options

Option 1 - Aligned with ceiling

In this arrangement, the sunbeams will largely land on the floor next to the bed.

The sun would be visible when standing on the right side of the bed when looking up.

If a patient is wheeled into the room on a gurney and transferred from the right side, they would have a view of the distant sun prior to the procedure which could help establish a mental model of being in a room that is connected to the outdoors.

Option 2 - Aligned with bed

Virtual Sun can be dimmed to a level that is comfortable for the patient while retaining the presence of a distant sun/moon.   Because the sun/moon is optically located at infinity, the patient's eyes would focus into the distance and they would have the impression of looking up into the night sky with vast space and depth above them.

Color Temperature adjustments could also help patients to feel more relaxed