February 2018

INNERSCENE revealed the production version of ATMOS (model ATMOS A6) at LightSpace at the Strategies in Light conference in Long Beach, California.   We demonstrated both a wall and ceiling installation.  In the ceiling display, a 2×2 grid installation allowed participants to walk around and see the sun follow them in the sky in both dimensions.  We repeatedly heard from attendies that ATMOS was the most incredible lighting product they had ever seen.  Word of mouth spread quickly and many people came back 3-4 times with more people in tow.  It never gets old seeing people’s reactions to experiencing ATMOS for the first time.

– “I’m blown away”
– “I’m witnessing history”
– “I’m guessing you may be tired of hearing it, but ATMOS is damn cool!”


May 2017

INNERSCENE exhibited prototypes for the first time publically at LightFair 2017 in Philadelphia

“ATMOS was the most memorable product I have had the chance to see and in this case experience at LFI over the last few years.  I was surprised to find myself staring up at your mock ceiling in a state of wonder and delight.  “