Innerscene Virtual Sun Model A7 Downloads, Datafiles, and Resources


Locate an Innerscene Partner

Innerscene Partners, Distributors, and Agents

Manuals and Guides

Product Brochure

Printable brochure for Innerscene Virtual Sun Model A7

Design Guide

Tips on how to determine placement and number of units

Image Gallery

Photos of completed projects and renders of use cases


Reactions, Timelapse, and Operations

Installation Manual

How to install Virtual Sun in different ceiling types

Install Video (wood joist)

Shows how to installing into a wood joist ceiling

Install Video (grid tile)

Shows how to installing into a grid tile ceiling

Controls Guide

How to control one or more Virtual Sun units

IES / LDT Tutorial

How to use our IES & LDT files in Dialux/Relux

Technical Information and DataFiles

Specification Sheet

PDF with basic product details

Spectrum Information

CRI, Spectrum, and Blackbody samples

IES / LDT Datafiles

Used to model light output in Dialux / Relux

CAD Models



Model A7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Virtual Sun?

Pricing Information

Ordering Lead Time

Shipping cost & lead times

Import Duties

How to become a reseller

Where to see Virtual Sun in person

How does Innerscene’s Circadian Rhythm Cycle mode work?

Does Virtual Sun emit UVB or UVA light?

What is CRI (Color Rendering Index) and why is it important?

If I stand in the sunbeams produced by Virtual Sun, will I feel heat?

Will I get sunburned if I sit under Virtual Sun?

Is it safe to look directly at Virtual Sun?

How does Virtual Sun show a 3 dimensional image of the sun far away?

Can you grow plants using Virtual Sun?

How does Virtual Sun compare to a light tube?

What are the advantages of Virtual Sun compared with a real skylight?

How does Virtual Sun compare with other artificial sun/skylights?

How much power is needed to run Virtual Sun?

How much space in the ceiling do I need to install Virtual Sun?

Can Virtual Sun help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Can I install Virtual Sun in a bathroom, damp location, or wet location?

Is Virtual Sun rated for Insulation Contact (IC)?

What is the expected lifetime of Virtual Sun?

What is the warranty period for Virtual Sun?

What Safety Certifications does Innerscene have?

Does Virtual Sun cause glare?

How do I install Virtual Sun?

How much does Virtual Sun weigh?

Wet / Damp location installation

Warranty and Purchase Terms & Conditions