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About Us

  INNERSCENE, Inc. was founded in 2013 with the goal of creating wall mountable 3D displays so realistic they could be used as substitutes for physical windows. These windows would allow us to view real and fantastical worlds through what appeared to be a portal in the wall or ceiling. An expert team of optical, mechanical, software, and manufacturing engineers was assembled to tackle this problem and several years of intense research and development commenced.

  After dozens of prototypes and numerous patents filed, INNERSCENE is launching its first product, ATMOS, in 2017. ATMOS is a digital skylight that can be installed in any wall or ceiling and provides a realistic 3D view of a distant sun or moon and it’s surrounding sky. Beyond it’s pure beauty and power to amaze, ATMOS also functions to provide natural looking light to interior and underground rooms without access to windows.


Jonathan Clark / CEO

  Jonathan co-founded INNERSCENE and serves as CEO in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Jonathan has over two decades of entrepreneurship experience through founding and leading numerous companies.  Jonathan fell in love with computer graphics in the earliest days of computers and traced its evolution from low resolution 2D graphics to high end virtual reality.   

  In the 90s, Jonathan co-founded Crack dot Com, which developed video games and later consulted with Sony to launch the Playstation 2 worldwide.  Jonathan then founded the company Thinstall which pioneered the software category of “Application Virtualization.”  Thinstall reached monthly sales over $1 million/month before being acquired by vmware (VMW). At vmware Jonathan served at the executive level as Principal Engineer and co-authored more than a dozen patents ranging from low-latency graphics compression and transmission, distributed storage, live virtual machine migration, and application virtualization improvements.   

  In 2013, Jonathan left vmware to start INNERSCENE with Sean to return to the graphics industry.  Jonathan is most excited about the time fast approaching where computer graphics become indistinguishable from reality.  At INNERSCENE, Jonathan’s goal is to solve “the last mile” of truly realistic computer graphics through the use of new innovations in optical components and display technologies.

Sean Flynn / CTO

  Sean is the co-founder and CTO of INNERSCENE and manages INNERSCENE’s UK branch. Sean brings over a decade’s worth of solid 3D research and manufacturing expertise to the company. Sean has designed and demonstrated numerous prototype glasses-free 3D displays based on inventive new waveguides and collimating optical systems. Sean has openly shared designs for plenoptic cameras that allow users to capture 3D images using integral photography.

  As CTO of INNERSCENE, Sean has developed several new types of large 3D displays known as autostereoscopes, which can be viewed without glasses and present images with infinite depth – creating a portal that allows users to look through and see other distant worlds.

  Sean also brings expertise in the manufacturing sector to the company with a Masters in Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) from Portsmouth University, along with qualifications in Six Sigma, PLC programming & Lean Engineering. He has served as a senior manager and change agent in the automotive, machine tool and aerospace sectors introducing novel manufacturing solutions along the way.

  Sean also shares the vision of creating a new artform of 3D images so realistic that you feel like you can step into them.