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a digital skylight

ATMOS digitally recreates the appearance of a natural sun and sky in any environment day or night.  Vivid beams of light are cast into the room from an ultra-bright distant 3D sun which appears to move in parallel with the viewer.

From sunrise to sunset, ATMOS changes the colors and intensities of the artificial sky throughout the day to replicate the effects natural light has on our circadian rhythm.

ATMOS can interface with most building lighting control systems and dimmers, including DMX512, DALI, 0-10V, ethernet, and mobile phone apps.

Large skylights of unlimited length and width can be created by tiling arrays of ATMOS units.

ATMOS’s slim profile allows it to be easily installed into almost any recessed ceiling or wall.   ATMOS requires less than 1 foot of ceiling depth when installed above.   Atmos can also be installed in a corner or hanging pendant configuration without any loss of ceiling height or wall depth.

ATMOS can reproduce sky colors and sun intensities for any time of day or world location.

By reducing blue light in the evening, ATMOS can simulate sunset colors and help maintain a natural circadian rhythm.

At night, a distant moon illuminates the room with soft moonlight.

ATMOS provides over 2500 lux at full brightness. According to studies, this can be used to treat users with seasonal affected disorder (SAD), boost mood, and increase productivity.

Traditional artificial light treatments for SAD are partially ineffective because users must sit very close to bright light boxes for 1-2 hours a day.  

ATMOS projects sunlight as a straight beam, allowing it to be placed over 6 feet away without diminishing the transmitted lux.